Gesetz zum Schutz der Frauen in Brasilien bleibt erfolglos

Bis heute scheint sich die Situation der Frauen in Brasilien trotz neuer Gesetzeslage nicht grundlegend verbessert zu haben – im Gegenteil gibt es eine Tendenz zu steigender Gewalt an Frauen. Was sind die Hintergründe dieser noch immer zum Teil patriarchalen und gewaltbereiten Gesellschaftsstrukturen?

Brasiliens verurteilter Präsident

Auch nach seiner umstrittenen Verurteilung zu mehreren Jahren Haft bleibt Brasiliens Ex-Präsident Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva einer des beliebtesten politischen Persönlichkeiten des Landes. Eine Zusammenfassung über die Amtszeit des ehemaligen Präsidenten.

Brasiliens einzigartiges Gesundheitssystem

Krank zu sein ist nie schön. Und noch weniger, wenn man sich weit weg von zuhause befindet.

Thailand – “about dollar bills and false love”

“For Thais, we are nothing but Dollar bills” is what Neil, in his mid-forties and from England, claimed.

Positive balance about New South Wales’ Liquor Act

Eight years ago the government in New South Wales, Australia, decided on a new legislation that should reduce consumption of liquor in public premises. Today, the situation in bars and nightclubs has changed a lot from the years before, as for example in a suburb of Sydney.


I must admit that before visiting Cambodia, I really did not know a lot about it. Now however I understand why this country will teach you so much about history, politics and humanity and why it is really worth going there.

The only thing in life achieved with effort is failure.

“The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure” was what a young man in Bangkok had written on his T-Shirt.

Learning shopping rules in Hoi An

From Ninh Binh I took the night train to Da Nang, and from there a cab to Hoi An. First time for me to sleep in a bed in a train, I was really looking forward to it and it was fun I have to say. Better than the bus for sure, at least I could stretch my legs.

Discovering landscapes in Sa Pa and Ninh Binh

Having spent a couple of days in Vietnam's heat, I decided to take a sleeping bus further north in the mountains to Sa Pa, which is known as one of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam, with huge rice fields and lots of green spots.

Leaving down under, Starting far east (Saigon)

Another farewell, another new begin. I think I got kind of used to it now, after almost six years of travelling. I was looking forward to my trip to South East Asia so much when I bought my plane tickets to Vietnam.