You won’t get bored in Marseille!

If I had to describe Marseille in one word, I would say: Colourful. Colourful in every respect. Streets full of grafiti, that are glowing in the sunshine. Especially at and around „Cours Julien“, doors and walls are painted and every shop has its own touch. And although it is not a touristic city, you can … Continue reading You won’t get bored in Marseille!

Green, greener, Ireland

Ireland's landscapes are so beautiful that not only the “Star Wars” director decided to turn his film there. Many of my friends had also lived on the island for a couple of months and fell in love with it. Those images and my friend's words in my mind made me dreaming of travelling to the country for a long time. In march 2016 I finally took the plane to start a two week backpacking tour.

Famous Munich

Outside Europe, Munich probably is the most famous German city. And that's not only thanks to its Oktoberfest, the greatest beer festival in the world. The 1.5 Million inhabitant city in South Germany, capital of Bavaria, is to many like the most typical German city possible – although Germans ironically tend to say that Bavaria … Continue reading Famous Munich

French-German Saarbrücken

If you want to visit a German city but you are also curious about French culture and you don't have enough time to do both, I have the perfect advice for you: Spend a day or two in Saarbrücken, capital of the German state Saarland. The 177.000 inhabitant city lies in Southwest Germany about 5km … Continue reading French-German Saarbrücken

Sunny Málaga

Tapas, sun, friendly people and tasty wine – that's how my life was like during the last few days. Thanks to my friends Michelle and Ben, who I got to know in Rio de Janeiro one and a half year ago, I had the chance to discover Spain's lovely city of Málaga. The sixth largest … Continue reading Sunny Málaga

Toulon – Unknown Beauty

When you think of South France, names like Côte d'Azur, Saint Tropez and Nice probably first come to your mind – touristic, sunny places and rich people from all over the world. Less famous is the 165 000 inhabitant city of Toulon, in south east France on the Mediterranean coast. Despite the fact that the … Continue reading Toulon – Unknown Beauty