The only thing in life achieved with effort is failure.

“The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure”

was what a young man in Bangkok had written on his T-Shirt.

Possible that he did not even understand these English words, but just wore the T-Shirt because he liked the colours. Also possible that this was his personal statement, that these words give him motivation to work harder and that he believed in what the T-Shirt told him. Anyways – I don’t.

I thought about these words for a moment until I realized how untrue they are.

Our world unfortunately works not like that at all, and I realize that almost with every single journey. Here in Thailand I am privileged, because I am white, because I come from Europe – and even more, I come from Germany. What effort did I do except for being born there?

Thailand is the third most unequal country in the world – 58% of its wealth is controlled by ONE percent of the people. How would those people ever do enough efforts to be able to hold more than half of the country’s wealth?

When I see old ladies selling food in the street here in Bangkok, or men working on construction sites, I think, they are doing the best effort they can, for themselves and their families. But neither will they ever achieve real financial success in their lives, nor their children and probably not even their grand children. Just because they were born that way.

Everyday life in Bangkok

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