Why I don’t feel home in Sydney

It’s been almost six months now in Sydney and they passed by so quickly. I had the chance to travel the country. I lived in a hostel and now in a shared apartment and got to know wonderful people. I found a great job in a travel agency which can be sometimes tiring, but all in all it’s an awesome experience and I probably couldn’t have find anything more fun. Sydney has so much to offer that even until now I haven’t yet had the possibility to see everything.

And still… There is something missing. Maybe I can call it “feeling home”? But right now, there is no place in the world I would call my home anyways.

It’s hard to explain why I cannot nod enthusiastically when people ask me if I enjoy my time in Australia. Well, “your time” already means that it’s limited, doesn’t it? It implies that there will be an end. I wonder, what do they mean with Australia? It is a country obviously, but what really is Australia? What is Australian culture? A typical Aussie plate, banana bread? Aussie music, Kylie Minogue?

I don’t really like writing this because I would never want to make people feel bad who love the country, or even those from here. I’m not saying that it’s a bad country. You have so many opportunities here, which is why so many foreigners come here. And Aussies (at least those few I’ve met so far) are extremely open-minded and mostly happy to meet new people, I’m aware of and so thankful for that.

However it’s the first time of my life I’m living in a country and feeling that I don’t know it really. I don’t even have Aussie friends, how can that be? I heard that it’s Sydney’s fault, because here are just too many backpackers and foreigners, but I also feel like I didn’t put enough effort in it.

It’s not a big thing though, it’s not like I’m suffering. I am so happy with my new flat mates – so many Brazilians, the culture I miss most! I’ve made new friendships and learned a lot while living here. I’m travelling to Uluru soon! There is just something missing that’s hard to describe.

I’m guessing Sydney and me, we’re just not getting along too well with each other.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t feel home in Sydney

  1. Don’t feel like you have done something wrong. Sydney is fast and busy and a lot of the people here don’t have a lot of time to invest in new friendships. Friendship takes time and a sense that the friendship will last beyond the short stay of the traveller. You might find a different attitude in the Outback, the locals there are warmer and are more giving of their G’days.
    This local and her husband haven’t forgotten you 🙂

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