General thoughts and advice about your East Coast trip in Australia


As a former travel agent, I strongly believe that it is quite helpful to consider a couple of things before leaving for the big journey. Although I’m not a kind of person to plan my trips a lot beforehand, I am pretty sure it might be helpful to have some ideas about what the places will be like, how you can save money and so on.

For example, there two bus companies you can chose: Premiers and Grey Hounds. The latter has Wi-Fi and power points in the buses, but that’s the only difference, except for the price: Premiers is much cheaper, so this is the one I chose.

One thing that would have made my trip a lot better is more time: 15 days for all these things were possible, but not enough at all. I was tired in the end and I know I wouldn’t have been if I had had some more days in between to just relax at the beach and do whatever I felt like. Of course I could have also chosen to visit less places, but I was just too curious to see everything.

Absolute highlights during the East Coast journey were: Noosa’s fairy pools, Fraser Island (everything!!!), Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island and diving and snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.

Click on the places you would like to know more about:

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