Town of 1770

I spent one day and one night in the small town of 1770, which is named after the year of its discovery. The accommodation “Southern Cross hostel” was a beautiful place surrounded by trees and a swimming pool, very good to relax and close to nature.

However, the reason for visiting this quite unknown city was a famous tour, which has been voted top 5 things to do on Australia’s East Coast by TripAdvisor: Scooteroo. During the tour, you discover the area’s wildlife, see kangaroos running next to you and have tasty potato wedges at the harbour. But the best thing: You’re not driving around in a normal tour bus, but on your own scooter. I imagined that tourists watching us 30 people on scooters that look like real motor bikes, with our cool motor jackets and helmets, must have believed we were some gang and I felt like making part of the Hell’s Angels or so. Though I had some issues with my scooter in the beginning and one of the guides accused me of not having payed attention to his instructions, he later apologised when he realised that it wasn’t my fault. Except for that I really had a great time and wouldn’t like to miss that part of the journey!




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