Fraser Island

Fraser Island – or K’gari, in the Aboriginal language – is the biggest sand island in the world, one of Australia’s twelve natural world heritages and to most the absolute highlight on their east coast trip. I’ve had the chance to spend three amazing days on this awesome place. After one night in a hostel on Rainbow Beach, departure town for the boat to the island, I could start my journey in the morning together with 31 other travellers and one guide.

The tour on Fraser Island is not like any other tours though, and that is also what makes the experience so special. I did not spend my time in a tour bus, but instead enjoyed a ride in a 4WD with seven other young people. Since I have a driver’s license and am older than 21, I was allowed to drive. However did I drive only very shortly. Instead I preferred playing the DJ next to the driver, which my fellow passengers might not always have appreciated too much.

We spent our nights in a big pretty modern camp. Food was provided and each group cooked their own dinners in the evenings, which was much fun and tasty.

I was in a group with Jose from Spain, Tory from London, Lee and Frankie, a couple, also from England, Lotte from the Netherlands, Sammy from the States, and Mike from Belgium. Spending night and day together, we became good friends for the short time. The first night was particularly funny for me – and for some of my mates a nightmare, but even worse for them was the next morning. The reason for this is a drinking game called “Fuck you” and the very cheap Australian boxed wine “Goon”, which every backpacker in Australia has tasted at least once. Although I had never played this game, I “won” several times against poor Lee, who even had taught it to us.

Despite the long night and all the hungover people, we always had to leave early in the mornings. There are so many amazing things to see on Fraser Island! Besides the lovely views we always had while driving on the beach and in the woods with the car, our guide, who always was in one of our four cars, showed us many more attractions. Lake McKenzie is probably one of the most famous ones. Its water literally looks like a swimming pool and its sand is just as white as snow. I also loved to swim in in the current of Eli Creek with an air mattress, to admire the view from Indian Head, where I spotted a big turtle, to relax in the Champagne pools next to the ocean and do a one hour walk to finally reach amazing lake Wabby.

I more than enjoyed my time on Fraser Island. There were so many moments I was speechless about what nature offers to us humans, about what wonderful places exist on our earth. And beside the nature aspect, I have had such a funny time with the guys in my group.

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