Noosa is, according to Graham, the manager of Backpacker’s World Travel where I work in Sydney, “a holiday in a holiday”, and that is absolutely true. After two nights in this small town, I had kind of the same feeling as when I leave a spa after one day: Slightly tired, but comfortably warm and relaxed.

The only unpleasant part of my stay was my hostel because of unfriendly staff, long waiting periods and a non-working air conditioner (in the first night, our room was a sauna, another link to spa 😉 ) which is why I had a chat with the manager in the end. But even this could not keep me from enjoying this trip a lot. The first day I spent with discovering what the city is famous for: Its Everglades. I had booked a one-day boat tour linked with a 45 minutes’ canoe drive. In the morning, I got to know Elaine from Dublin and we found out that we were staying in the same hostel, and even in the same room. So we spent the next days together discovering Noosa and its surroundings.

The Everglades are tropical wetlands and exist only twice in the world: In Florida and in Australia. We discovered those beautiful landscapes on a boat and were canoeing for about an hour. In between we had morning tea and later BBQ and we could jump in the river, which felt just great after the small sports part on the canoe. Our guide also gave us a lot of interesting information about nature and aboriginal culture.

Elaine and me ended our day with another BBQ in the hostel, before we fell in our beds, exhausted, but so happy.

The next morning, we got ready to discover Noosa’s beaches and especially its fairy pools. It took us about one hour to get to those small pools in between a rock platform. I honestly don’t even like walking too much, but this walk was so much worth it. The ocean next to us was shining in a crystal clear turquoise-blue color; the stone beach didn’t really seem to be the most comfortable place to lay down, but it looked just amazingly beautiful next to the sea. Our route was surrounded by palm trees and other plants and we spotted at least three lizards that were about one meter long and crossed our path leisurely (no joke!).

However, the absolute highlight on that way obviously was our destination, the fairy pools! The water was so refreshing after the walk and after climbing the rocks to reach them. It was also so clear, I could see small fishes swimming between my legs. A crab crossed our way, but luckily didn’t come too close. Of course Elaine and me took lots of photos, trying to keep his moment forever. Just before leaving, we watched the sea for a moment and – it might seem exaggerated – but I felt a kind of gratitude that such places exist in the world and that I was able to meet them.

Elaine and me finished our short time together in a – what else could it be – Irish pub, where we got fish and chips and beer, and it felt just sooo good after the walking trip. I had to leave in the afternoon to get my bus to Rainbow Beach, but I really hope to meet her again one day!

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