Sydney, I like you!

Sydney has turned much better than in the beginning – and even better than I hoped it would. After not even three weeks in this city I can already say that I feel home here. It’s actually funny how quickly things can change while travelling.


The new hostel where Charly and I are staying is really great and filled with lots of nice people.

In the beginning of course I still missed lovely Cronulla, but now I really know why I wanted to move and that this was the right decision. There are so many more things to do in a big city! Thanks to the people from the hostel, who are mostly French and Italian by the way, I discovered a great electronic party and bars to go out in our corner.

Kings Cross, where I live now, is known for drugs and for being a “red light district“, especially in former times, but it is not dangerous at all, I actually feel really secure and comfortable there. You can find lots of bars and restaurants in the main street or in cute little alleys.

The hostel by itself is perfect. The courtyard has a great view all over the city and in the evening you can watch a beautiful sunset while having dinner outside. I share my room with Charly, who told me recently that she is actually really happy to be in Sydney now and feels home here, too, and with a French and an English girl. Charly and me succeeded in making a lot of friends already, and I’m also happy that some Brazilians make part of them because I really miss the country and the language.

A note from our hostel. I can only agree.

Happy with my new job

But the best thing, and probably the main reason why now I feel so much better than I used to, is the fact that I found a really good job. I work for a travel agency now, still as a promoter, but soon I will make part of the people inside the shop and sell the best and cheapest tourist tours in Australia, New Zealand and Asia! I have been in my training phase since one week now and I really enjoy it. Working in a travel company, selling tours to backpackers, is actually something I could imagine doing back in Europe, too, and not only one of these jobs I did to get money. I feel like I really fit to the team, and that the position was kind of made for me. Graham, my boss, who is English and at my age, also was really impressed by the fact that I speak four languages fluently. He chose me out of several candidates after three days of interviews and was happy with my work. That gave me a feeling of pride and increased my self consciousness after a couple of bad experiences especially in the gastronomy area.

So my task for the moment is just to talk to people in the street, ask them about their travel experiences and about their plans for the future and invite them to our shop. Nothing easier than that! I really enjoy talking to people, I like helping them out. It makes me wanting to discover my new city more, to be able to give lots of advices about what to visit and where to go. And I also learn something by talking to them! The other day someone informed me about the online site meetup, where you can participate in all kinds of events for free. And that’s where I find myself right now: In a bar with the meetup group “create together”. We just sit on one table, draw or write anything we want and have a chat in between. The best way to finally get to know Australians, too!

I feel really good with the changes in my life in Down Under. I do not get bored anymore and I feel like I do things I wouldn’t have done back in Europe, which was actually what I was waiting for. It is wonderful to share all these experiences with a friend, too. Although I tended to be a bit sceptical about travelling with someone, I now see all the advantages it has and I am sure Charly and me will never forget all the moments we share together here.

Trip to a flea market, for lunch we had Himalayan food
Charly and me in our room
Bondi Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Sydney..
A trip through Sydney’s centre
Close to my new home in Kings Cross


Street artists

4 Replies to “Sydney, I like you!”

  1. In my 2 years in Australia, I spent over a year in Sydney and I too lived on the cross when it was the old cross but yet still felt safe there ..I left in 2013 and still consider Sydney as home..Reading your blog just took me back to sitting in the sugermill eating a $10 steak haha …great read 😀

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  2. Hi, I am a one post beginning blogger in love with writing. I just was looking for example blogs to get an idea where to start with my second blog and for some reason I picked yours. Well I find it very entertaining but let me tell you the crazy and ironic thing about it. My mind has drifted all morning to my youngest son who is just 19 years old and we are from Idaho in the USA. Okay the crazy and ironic thing is, is that I was worrying about him because he was invited to go play rugby for a year before college and guess where?! Yes, Sydney, Australia! So picking your blog has given me pictures and a description of what and where my son is smack dab in the middle of things. So thank you!

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