Suddenly missing town life

Wow, I wasn’t prepared to miss Cronulla so much… I really wanted to leave the town to discover the big city, to get to know new places and people. I couldn’t actually wait to leave, even though I knew that I was so lucky with the people and the hostel I started to call home.


Now, after six weeks of life in a small city, working every now and then, getting bored sometimes, but also never really feeling lonely because of all the wonderful people I had met, I finally am where I wanted to be – and wonder if it’s really what I was looking for.

Today is my first day in a hostel in Sydney in a district called Kings Cross. Everything could be perfect: People seem to be nice, the place is clean and pretty and in a central place. But why do I feel miserable then? How can I miss a place I have spent a couple of weeks more than my home cities in Europe?

Cozy Cronulla

During my last weeks I didn’t even realize that my life in Cronulla had turned much more exciting than it used to be before. Perhaps I was complaining too much and didn’t enjoy the good moments enough.

When Charly, my friend back from Germany, finally arrived from Bali to Cronulla, I was so glad to see her again! We both fell into our arms, and couldn’t stop laughing and talking about so many unimportant things, just being happy to chat face to face after almost half a year.

I could present her to a lot of people in the hostel, although she had already spent several months in this same place before I came to Australia. We stayed together there for another two weeks, until yesterday. She was not so comfortable with the idea about leaving, but we wanted to travel together and she understood my need of getting a change.

When she arrived I actually first couldn’t spend that much time with her because I suddenly got several jobs, all more or less at the same time. And since I had not earned any money the weeks before, I accepted all of them, which made me always come back home exhausted, being unable to go out with her and her sister Bernadette, who is now back in Germany.

Charly and me right in the middle, in front of us Bernadette (Charly’s sister) and her boyfriend, and next to us our friends from the hostel, in a bar called “Northies”.

New work experiences

From morning to afternoon I worked in a plastic factory, where I had to fulfil a couple of complicated tasks such as filling boxes with plastic glasses – and even seal them! It was simple and monotonous, always the same arm movements, and so I got bored soon. But again I found a solution, which was listening to documentaries and political debates I downloaded from a German radio.

In the evenings I washed dishes in a small fish fast food restaurant right in front of the hostel. Even though the job by itself was not too exciting, the people for whom I worked were incredibly friendly. It was a Greek-Australian couple, Nick and Stella, who had two young sons. While cleaning the place, I always got into conversation with the couple and learned a lot about Greek history and culture, Australian School System and how to make my blog more famous, since Stella is a blogger, too. To work there was so nice that I felt a little sad about not being able to continue doing it, but I promised to say hi whenever I was going to visit Cronulla and my friends.

Relaxing and diving before saying goodbye to my old new home

The last days in the town I stopped work and instead went out at night and relaxed during the weekend. This was however when I again felt how important it was for me to leave this small place: I got bored whenever we went to the typical bars and clubs we went to, because I just don’t like them, I think they are too superficial.

And this week, from Monday to Wednesday, I did a diver’s course in a shop right next to the hostel! The first day was a pool session, but during the following ones we went to the sea. Even though the ocean around Sydney and its underwater creatures are probably not the most exciting ones in Australia, it just was a great feeling to swim until 13 meters under water, during half an hour, watching fishes, a small (and not dangerous) shark and an enormous turtle! Wednesday, our last day in Cronulla, Charly joined me for the course she had started one week earlier and by the end of the day we became two proud owners of international diver’s licences!

Sad Sydney

After such a wonderful last moment in Cronulla we still had to leave to Sydney, having already reserved nights in the new hostel. And this morning my friend had to leave early, going to work in a candle factory, which is why I spent my first day without her in Sydney. And now I feel lonely in a way: I don’t know anyone here, it’s rainy and dark outside and Charly’s stuff’s right next to me, but she’s not there. I wished to be back in Cronulla! I even keep seeing faces of all my friends from all around the world from my former hostel.

And Sydney seems to be cold and anonymous compared to Cronulla. Its Central Business District, the CBD, obviously is a city full of movement. People hurry from one place to another, cars and buses drive through huge streets and they always have right of way: Traffic lights for pedestrians turn red as soon as you have taken two steps, whereas traffic lights for cars stay green for several minutes. Skyscrapers are everywhere, as far as the eye can reach. By night lights out of their windows shine like stars, but the building’s shadows disturb.

Postive attitude matters!

But I also believe it’s a good thing to miss Cronulla. I am sure to go back every now and then because I really want to keep in touch with many people from there. While I often thought about the inconveniences about living in a small town, I now remember all the nice moments I had and will enjoy these things much more the next time I will be in a similar situation. And I am very optimistic about Charly’s and mine future here in the big city. I am pretty sure that we will both take our time to get used to our new environment, and of course we will miss Cronulla, especially in the beginning. Yet I believe that Sydney will become our new home and we will make so many more friends that one day we will look back and say, it was a good decision to come here.


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