Discovering Australian life habits and landscapes


I won’t leave Cronulla so soon. All my plans have changed again. Well, at least many. I guess that’s just the way things go in Australia, at least for backpackers: Whatever you plan, it might be changing within few hours our even minutes.

My friend Charly, with whom I am going to travel and who is on Bali at the moment, was quite upset when she learned that I had taken the decision to live in Sydney by my own, although we were supposed to travel together. I could understand that in a way, which is why I told her that I am staying in Cronulla, but that if my job trial on Wednesday in the French restaurant works well, I will try to find a place to stay in the city. And then we’ll see if we are going to live there together or not.

I’m just not used to travel with someone and I really hope this first experience to travel with a friend will work out well.

Tour to Blue Mountains

Luckily my Sunday was quite interesting: For many Backpackers it’s their only free day. So with a German friend, Cynthia, who I had met in Argentina about a year ago, and Scot, from the States, I had planned a one day tour to Blue Mountains, which is about three hours away from Cronulla by train. It was nice to get out of the town, to discover – finally – some more places in Australia. We were a bit lazy, so just did the short tour and walked for about two hours, instead of five or six. I liked the view from the mountains, but actually wondered why they were called „blue“ since I didn’t think they were bluer than other mountains. But it’s really worth being visited.

(Strange) Australian Restaurant habits

In the evening we decided to have dinner together. We had already chosen a restaurant, but when we sat down, I felt not at ease at all. The light was too bright and there were TVs everywhere. Something I cannot stand at all: For me, besides the food, a good atmosphere counts a lot. And I might be conventional in that context, but what does television have to do with places to go out? Something I always hated about Brazil, where you can hardly find places where it’s not the case. And now apparently the same in Australia! I insisted in going somewhere else. Some people might feel it’s not polite to change the place when you already sit, but I don’t see the problem. I can change my mind in any moment as far as I have not yet ordered and leave whenever I feel like it. I mean, what’s the point in going out and spending money on something you actually don’t like?

Finally we had dinner in a Thai Restaurant, which was when I discovered a really funny thing: In some Australian restaurants you can bring your own alcohol and drink it there. However, if you need to open the bottle with a bottle opener, waiters don’t like it when you do it by yourself. In that case they will do it for you and you will have to pay. Unimaginable for European restaurants!


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