New job, new life?


I’m so happy!!! I had a great day, a very promising day!

But I’ll start with yesterday night. My mood didn’t improve the hole night, even when we went to a nightclub. I didn’t actually want to party, especially as soon as I arrived in that club. I got bored in a way: Always the same places, the same serious looking doormen, the same kind of superficiality. And this time I wasn’t even in the mood to imitate moves from the 70s, but just drank water, watched the barmen prepare their cocktails and thought about how my boring life should go on.

And then I had this idea turning around in my head. I had already thought about getting a job in Sydney and moving there, I even had sent some CVs to bars and restaurants that had published ads online. But now I was actually wondering, why not leave, right now? Or at least the next morning? Find a nice place to stay and an employment, getting to know new people. I wanted a change. Now.

A stroke of luck – and my worries all gone

And luckily enough today I got a call from a French cocktail bar/restaurant where I had applied who asked me to come to meet them for an interview. So I met the young owner, Austine, a French guy (who refused to talk to me in French by the way) in his newly opened bar. He asked me a couple of questions and told me what the job would be like: A friend of him and me would be pretty much the only waiters there. I would of course serve people, but also prepare cocktails and perform cocktail shows in front of their tables. But I would have even more responsibilities: Talk to the guests in whatever language they speak, entertain them, ask how their day was. Make promotion in the beginning. Things I really enjoy and I am able to. So I immediately liked the idea of my potential next working place. And I felt great when Austine told me that my CV was actually the only one that fits to his idea of an employee and that he wanted me to have a trial during the following week.

All my worries of me being not able to find a job, my self-doubts were blown away. I was actually quite proud of myself. But at the same time of course I am a bit afraid of the trial – I hope it won’t be as disappointing as the last one.


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