Sad Friday

Last Friday I was in a really bad mood. Although I already feel better right now, I’d like to share my thoughts from last week with you.


Today I’m depressed. Almost. It’s Friday and everybody is making party in the hostel, just close to my room. And of course they can – they deserve to have fun, after one week of hard work. I could also go and see them, it would be nice I guess. But for now, I don’t feel like it.

Except for my cleaning job in the hostel (I clean the rooms for free accommodation), I did not work and earned no money at all this week. I only had one trial yesterday, and they didn’t even call me back, which makes me feel even worse. Was I so bad? Does that mean that I am not even able to prepare cake and sell coffee in a proper manner?

I distributed my CV in several bars, restaurants, coffee shops. Nobody called me back (yet). In the kitchen I met one guy from England who has been in Australia for 11 months or so and who tried to cheer me up: „Don’t worry, it’s always like that in the beginning. I didn’t get a job during the first weeks and just travelled until I had no cent anymore. You probably first have to get used to working life in Australia and to the country’s habits. You will see, after a while it will be very easy for you.“

But that’s not all – it’s been rainy all day today and I see photos of my friends in sunny Bali, on the beach, just having fun. And of course they also deserve it! But unfortunately this makes me feel even more wanting to be with them.

Luckily this is not my first journey in my life and I already know that there are always ups and downs in life, and especially while travelling. Anyway it doesn’t make sense to stay in bed, worrying about my future. The party people are calling me.



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