You won’t get bored in Marseille!

If I had to describe Marseille in one word, I would say: Colourful. Colourful in every respect. Streets full of grafiti, that are glowing in the sunshine. Especially at and around „Cours Julien“, doors and walls are painted and every shop has its own touch. And although it is not a touristic city, you can meet people of all colours in the streets. From blank white to dark black, thanks to its many immigrants from Africa.

Marseille is also a very active city: A lot of noises surround you all the time. Cars everywhere, the sound of their horns, people singing or shouting, music in the streets.

What I liked less was the fact that men regularly call after women. Some even followed me and asked me why I didn’t say “thank you” for some stupid “compliment” they made. Just like my cousin, who I visited there, said: “they do not understand that what they do is group harassment.”

However, due to its creativity it in some ways reminded me of Berlin. For sure, those who prefer calm cities, it’s not the perfect place to live. But it’s worth being visited anyway. And better earlier than later : Now, Marseille is some kind of inside tip, but that will change soon for sure.

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