Sunny Málaga

Tapas, sun, friendly people and tasty wine – that’s how my life was like during the last few days. Thanks to my friends Michelle and Ben, who I got to know in Rio de Janeiro one and a half year ago, I had the chance to discover Spain’s lovely city of Málaga.
The sixth largest city of the country lies on the Mediterranean coast, which is why I could enjoy temperatures between 15-20°C by the end of November. Málaga is not only one of Europe’s sunniest-, but makes also part of Spain’s most touristic cities, though not everybody speaks fluent English there. Chatting with the open-minded and helpful inhabitants, I could therefore improve my Spanish.
Málaga has a lot of interesting places to visit and is completely affordable: You find for example good pizza for 2,50€ and Mojitos for 3€.
My conclusion: That surely wasn’t my last trip, I’m more than curios to find out what summer is like in Málaga!

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